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Tom Ison, DMD

Board Certified Pediatric Dentist

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Many malocclusions can be spotted when your child is very young, even before any permanent teeth have erupted.  Major malocclusions (those involving poorly coordinating jaws and jaw growth) are usually spotted by the time the 2nd primary molars have erupted sufficiently to contribute to the occlusion (the way the child puts his/her teeth together).  This is usually around age 3 or 3.5 years of age and can be as early as 2 years of age.  Some oral habits (pacifier use or thumb or finger sucking) can be the cause or contribute significantly to malocclusion development.  Certain types of malocclusion are best treated at early ages while others do as well later when the child is older.  Dr. Ison will advise you of any orthodontic problems that may be developing when they examine your child.


Treatment options (including not treating) will be discussed fully so that you may make an informed decision.  Dr. Ison is qualified to treat many developing and established malocclusions and can also advise and assist you if referral to an orthodontic specialist is the best option.


Since Dr. Ison fully endorses the “dental home” approach to pediatric dental care in which a child is seen for his or her first dental examination on or before the first birthday, any dental problem including orthodontic malocclusion will most certainly be noted and discussed with you at that time and at all following recare appointments as your child grows and develops.

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